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An Events platform centered around connecting and encouraging social interaction between individuals, groups and businesses.

As well as hosting events we coordinate events on behalf of private clients, and provide much needed equipment and services to ensure your event goes as envisioned.



Food, Beverages & Hire Services.

Our catering and food department. Small, family run, specialising in cakes, catering services and sweet treats.

Creating food & drink based on your unique requirements, using donations and other local small businesses where possible. 

Our signature lines available for order include sauces, juices and dry cake mix jars.

Our equipment hire service was established to be affordable and accessible for all, a way of giving back.

If you are an individual or group looking for subsidised products or services please contact us to discuss your current needs.

We are currently looking for individuals who would like to get involved in shaping Deevah's give-back activities. If you would be interested in becoming a board member, sponsor or donor please click below.

For bookings, services and hire please visit the main web page.


the I AM movement.

The  “I AM” movement, is about the personal journeys that we often find ourselves on. It is about the individual exploring, understanding and accepting themselves for who they are. Not being a slave to societal values and opinions but being comfortable with their true authentic self! (Self-love). The movement underpins the whole ethos of the proposed events, at the root of everything is love, love of self, love of what you do, and also finding what and who you love.

The vision for the movement is IAM apparel, clothing and accessory lines

Personal journals and supplementary self development events.

It's an exciting journey and we welcome those interested to get involved!


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