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We are a platform that facilitates the connecting of individuals and businesses. Passionate about many things; business, self-development, love, socialising, and getting together with like-minded people are among a few. 

Mission Statement.

“No man is an island”; People are stronger together.

We want to support and encourage the building of resilient individuals, families and communities, that shine and thrive. We do this by providing personal & professional development support, through events, activities and access to necessities such as local amenities, other community members, food and inspirational leaders.



Hi there!

My name is Davinia, founder and managing director for DSY Socials and Deevah’s Treats CIC.

Deevah’s, everything food and beverage, is what I always describe as saving my life. Experiencing post-natal blues some 13 years ago, my kitchen is where I found solace, and brought happiness to many taste buds.  Deevah’s is where I began to redefine my happy place! Food and socialising continues to bring happiness to many and I want to play my part in making the experience affordable and meaningful.

DSY Socials; The brand, was born out of my love for hosting, events and bringing people together and a consolidation of everything I am passionate about; providing “the missing link”, for not only me, but others too.

I have been shaped by my experiences and have learned so much along the way, while at the same time having to unlearn just as much. I now know that I can create the narrative that I want for my own life and want to be the example to my children and others. I want to continue to create spaces for likeminded people to encourage them and support their journey of growth, self-development and self-love; life’s journey is not an easy one especially when faced alone.

I am strong-willed, open minded and a self-confessed, proud walking contradiction, and through DSY’s I want to encourage all to explore, redefine and celebrate self in all its entities! I am on a personal journey of walking in my own truth, and doing so unapologetically. Trauma and negativity does not have to dictate my path, I am embracing all parts of myself and personality, a bit at a time, while identifying and recreating my village and safe space.

I remain blessed, humbled and forever living in faith and gratitude.

Outside of the usual DSY portfolio I offer:

  • One to one sessions, based around your own needs.

  • Hosting services and motivational talks.

  • Consultation – Youth, Community and Business.

Please get in contact for more information, a quotation or discussion around how we may be able to work collaboratively

(an exchange of time, expertise and skills).



Cara-Anne Lloyd

Catering Operations

Sally-Ann Kelly

Finance Manager


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